What Your Hairstyle Says About You

Okay, so you’ve been told to never judge a book by its cover. But, its turns out — not unlike your hair color or even your facial hair — the haircut you choose to wear can tell the world a lot about you. (Another reality: whether you openly admit it or not, you care a lot about the hair on your head.)
To that end, we’ve enlisted the expertise of Caeleb Bosscher and Cyd Charisse, New York-based editorial hairstylists and co-founders of DestroyTheHairdresser.com, a network of hair professionals that provide career coaching and mentor up-and-coming hairstylists. Given their extensive work with some of the most respected names (think artists Garren, Sally Hershberger, and Mary Brunetti) in the industry, they’ve created and seen a lot of different haircuts on guys.
Without further ado, we break down some of the most popular haircuts right now: the basics, how to style them, and most importantly, what they might be revealing to the world about you.


Though we might have reached peak undercut a few years ago, this look is hardly new. According to Charisse, it was actually “popular during the Edwardian era, the 1920s through the 1940s, and fast forward to now, the 2010s.” Essentially, it involves shaving or keeping the sides and back super short, growing the hair long on top of the head, then pushing it back off the face.
If you do choose this cut and decide to change it up later on, expect some growing pains. “It is a process to grow out the different lengths,” explains Charisse. “You can't just go from an undercut to the next haircut being a regular taper blended into the top.” But, the pros to wearing an undercut is that “it can be styled and cut in so many different ways,” says Charisse. “Forwards, back, messy, it's your call. If you like to try different looks with a sharp tight side, then this is the look for you. "
What an undercut says about you: Charisse says, “This is for the dapper dude who wants to shave his head, but also have long hair. It’s like having the best of both worlds. This look is equally great in the office or on a Harley!”
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Long And Loose

Bosscher refers to long and loose locks – made famous by free spirits, ranging from Tarzan to Jared Leto – on men as a “sexy, rebellious look.” Just try to imagine your hair after a day at the beach, when it’s relaxed and a bit roughed up from the natural elements (like sun, wind, and ocean water.) In terms of caring for this look, Bosscher has a few pointers: “Trim regularly, shampoo less, condition more, and cut occasionally.” He says to stop washing daily, and let your natural oils shine through. (But it’s okay to rinse your hair with your water everyday in the shower.) And visit your barber or stylist every two to three months to “just chop off split ends, yet keep the overall shape intact.”
What long and loose says about you: “Long hair is for the rebellious man, whom no one can control,” says Bosscher. “It’s usually worn by rockstars, artists and hipsters – basically any man not behind a desk.”
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Popularized by ethnic barber shops, fades simply refer to short cuts that are cut close on the sides and back, and gradually taper or “fade” into the hair on the top of the head. The great thing about this cut is that it’s truly flattering (and more importantly, achievable) on most guys. But don’t be fooled by appearances. While fades may look deceptively simple, they’re easy to mess up. We’ve all seen our fair share of bad fades out there, so select your barber wisely. (Remember, this cut is all about the smallest details.) Of this look — which is super popular right now — Bosscher says, “It’s one of the most stylish and trendy ways to create a detailed look.”
What a fade says about you: “Welcome to the barber shop!” says Bosscher. “These are dependable guys who loyal they are to their barbers. They like to look neat, and are usually in the spotlight. A lot of barbers and hairstylists rock this cut as well.”
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