Village Pub Closed for 30 days after another patron was attacked.

Village Pub is a popular downtown local and tourist bar in Palm Springs. Starting Aug 24th, the ABC will be revoking their liquor license for 30 days as a patron was attacked.
A patron was being escorted off property when he turned back around to get his debit card. He was pushed several times until off Village Pub property, Security Guard Zachary Huff snuck up from behind the patron and punched him in the face, he fell and lost consciousness.
This is not the first time this local bar has had their license revoked, on Oct 22, 2016 another employee battered a patron, and the bar had to close.
The managers have released information stating they see it as a blessing in disguise, because the 21 year old bar can definitely use a remodel.
They have also stated, all security will be hired from an independent professional company moving forward, and they are going to be hyper vigilant and meticulous about who they hire in the future to prevent any future incidents.
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