Break Free with FreeVolt Desert Solar Company

FreeVolt is an international solar company from Europe that launched their desert location in Palm Desert, a little over two years ago. They are excited to offer premium swiss technology that is not only energy efficient but also affordable. It is because they build and manufacture their own products that FreeVolt can offer the highest quality components, competitive prices and an industry leading 30 year warranty to all of their clients.

What we like about them and what makes FreeVolt stand out from the rest, is their constant focus on educating their clients about how solar works and important information you need to know before purchasing. Rest assure that if you’re considering solar for a more energy efficient lifestyle, FreeVolt will take great care of you. Their motto is “Break Free” and encourage all home and business owners to break free from energy restraints and boundaries.

For more information contact Palm Springs Representatives:

(760) 283-6282


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