10 Reasons why you're an Outrageous City Local

Lets go play outside! 

#1 Outside Culture. 

Its truly gorgeous outside in Sunny Palm Springs. We get 340 days of blue skies a year, with almost no clouds. 

We have an AMAZING Outside Culture. Thats right, we swim, jog, dance, and play outside in our beautiful city, plus most of the bars have a fantastic patio.

 #2 BarKeeps and Servers Know your drink and meal. 

Needles to say if your out and about and frequent a popular location, you will get to know the locals working in the clubs.    

The Bartenders and Servers care, they remember you and treat you with respect, please tip and treat them well.

 # 3 What to do 7 days a week

Have friends visiting, no guides are working for you? Ask a local, almost every local can tell you what to do, where to go, drink specials, and the best eats for every day of the week. 

Also visit www.OutrageousCity.com for your locals guide. 

#4 Business in sandals and flips flops

One of our absolute favorite things about Palm Springs is the business world. YES, Palm Springs is a small business community. We work hard seven days a week, however most business owners big or small, dress for the weather and the feel of our city. I always love meeting the owners of businesses and talking about big events in sandals and flip flops.

Mid Century Modern

#5 Mid century modern? 

Palm Springs has an incredible history of Mid Century Modern Architecture, it gives Palm Springs character, pizzaz, and is truly unique and beautiful. You can find this gorgeous architecture in neighborhoods, homes, and historic buildings, if your in town don’t miss out. 

Walk of Stars

#6 Home of the Stars. 

Palm Springs has been home to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood history, take a tour to see the Elvis HoneyMoon Hideaway, Marylon Monroe's house, Frank Sinatra's hangouts and more. Our downtown streets are also “A walk of the stars”.  Be sure to check out our Hollywood history and which celebs frequent our gorgeous city. 

#7 LGBT Community

We all get involved with our community & fundraising events! Most of us locals truly care and help spread love in city #LoveWins. Come on down to Arenas and enjoy some of the best cocktails, friendly faces and events happening seven days a week. Our paradise has a population of over 50% LGBT families and locals.  

#8 110 Degrees, no problem

The hottest temperature reading ever recorded on planet earth was 134 degrees! Did you know in our Summer Months we have weeks that stay at 125 or over? You know your a local when its 105 out and we say its a perfect day - ONLY IN PALM SPRINGS!! 

Our Four Legged Friends

#9 Animal Lovers

OHHHH the Fur Babies are defiantly our Four Legged Friends with a Cold Nose and Warm Heart. We love our dog babies here in Palm Springs. Most bars have Pet Friendly Patios and treats for our doggies. Bring your dog babies out, just don’t ever, ever leave them unattended in a car! 

#10 Love 

You will make friends for life here in Palm Springs.  Please come and visit, have fun and embrace the love in all that is PALM SPRINGS, share some love for the locals!! 

For more information visit the locals guide @ www.OutrageousCity.com

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