What is flotation therapy

During a float, you step into a quiet, warm, private spa called a floatation tank, where you lie back into an 11-inch pool of highly saturated Epsom salt water. The density of the water is double that of the Dead Sea, enabling you to float effortlessly on the surface. You are fully supported, and you expend no physical energy to maintain your position in the water. Unless you are an astronaut, this is the only situation you will encounter where your body is free from the forces of gravity.
The temperature inside the tank is kept at the same temperature as your skin. As a result, the nerve endings that cover the surface of your skin no longer perceive any sense of separation between the skin and the silky mineral solution that surrounds it. The line between the air and the water becomes blurred, and you have no tactile input on your skin and no pressure points running along your body. When you choose to close the door, your eyes can rest in a comforting darkness that is the same if you open or close them. External sounds are kept to an absolute minimum through extensive soundproofing throughout the building, earplugs, and the design of the tanks themselves.
Free from all external stimulation, your body can achieve a state of relaxation that is deeper, purer, and more beneficial than sleep. With no body to look after, resources are free for use in problem solving, creative exploration, learning, or simply meditation, and rest.
After 60 minutes in this powerful and relaxed state, gentle music softly streams in through speakers in the tank to let you know your float is over. You emerge from the float with a fresh mind, sharpened senses, and a feeling of peace, calm, and happiness that often lasts for hours to days afterwards. We encourage you to explore this state with a cup of tea or in conversation with our staff and others coming out of floats in our lobby.
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