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The King of Catch & World Champion Kathy Long
Welcome to the Americana Ju Jitsu Collective, right here in Palm Springs Ca! Owner Travis Newaza, is an accomplished Catch Wrestler and Ju Jitsu practitioner who runs his gym on the second floor of Desert Rocks Indoor Climbing Gym. While practicing in this fun environment you will often see Climbers scaling to the ceiling while the students practice to the cool music Travis plays for the class.
Although Ju Jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art, Travis branded his Gym “Americana Ju Jitsu" as a homage to his esteemed mentors, all being American. Along with Travis, three days a week is Renowned Trainer and five time World Champion Kick Boxer Kathy Long. A wonderful & deadly combination of talent.
Travis: learned his arts from esteemed mentors and professional fighters Eric Paulson, Josh Barnett, and pro wrestler Billy Robinson.Travis mentions “that you can BS your way through a lot in life, but you cant BS training, If you do things others don’t, you’ll go places others won’t”.
Upon asking Travis what his main motivation for the art was he states, “I wanted a life I did not want a vacation from”. And a vacation he does not take, he is truly impassioned for his art and welcomes all his students to train with him 7 days a week.
Ju Jitsu is special Japanese Martial Art that focuses on Joint Manipulation, entangling your opponent, and taking him to the ground. It is unique in that it can be executed standing up and on the floor. Ju Jitsu is a system that has a name for every technique, and a reversal for every move. Travis mentions there are three components to proper execution of every maneuver. First is placing your opponent Off Balance, then Fitting into that space before landing a deadly Execution. For Travis’s classes, please check the schedule below!
Kathy Long: is a renowned instructor who needs no introduction. She has been a house hold name for Martial Arts enthusiasts and sports fanatics for many decades. She is a 5 Time World Champion Kick Boxer, Aikido Black Belt, Self Defense/Defensive Tactics Expert, Kung Fu San Soo veteran, and has been inducted into both the hall of fame of Inside Kung Fu & Black Belt Magazine! Along with her many accomplishes, she has been on the big screen, featured in several TV shows, and doubled as Michele Pheifers infamous Catwoman for the Blockbuster hit Batman!
Kathy teaches her famous Kickboxing skills Monday, Thursday and Friday at 9am. She has a no nonsense approach to defending yourself, but also listens to your concerns and works with you to truly help you achieve your maximin growth. The age old Martial rhyme “Make em miss, Make em pay” she chants to her students while teaching them to dodge and defend themselves. Kathy moves along the matt with deadly grace working with each individual student, demonstrating devastating kicks and punches as only a pro who has used these tools a millions times could execute. Rarely do you get such great experience working with a true veteran, she makes sure all your moves are correct and helps develop talent that can save your life!!
Kick Boxing is a special Martial Art/Sport which teaches you not only the skills of boxing, but also the deadly kicking art as well. The techniques can be executed at long and short range which makes it a very formidable tool to defend yourself.
Travis & Kathy welcome all newcomers with open arms. The positive attitude and inspiration can be felt all over the gym. Please come on by and check out what everyone is talking about
“The Americana Ju Jitsu Collective”
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