Costas Night Club

Introducing a completely remixed, revamped and reloaded Costas – with a fashion-forward vibe setting the scene for a more sophisticated nightclub experience! Catered to stylish women, their fabulous friends and the men fortunate enough to be in their presence, the new Costas has undergone a complete transformation inspired by some of Europe’s finest nightclubs. 
Costas now features bold black and white décor with subtly sleek red accents to create a chic atmosphere that includes a brilliant chandelier illuminating the bar and an exclusive champagne lounge and VIP area. Costas will be bringing in top female DJs, and periodically live bands from places like Las Vegas and LA. A new staging area spotlights the DJ front and center to the dance floor, igniting a more interactive and engaging music experience.For those feeling particularly posh – sip a glass of the Perrier Jouet Nuit Blanc Rosé with edible diamonds. Elevate your weekend evenings to a whole new level of luxury nightlife.
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